In this article, we’re going to publish our HTML code on a website for free without having to pay for a webhosting plan or buying a custom domain. Though we’ll be given a free subdomain depending on the free webhost company we’re using.

Examples of free web hosting companies.

There are a lot of free places you can publish your html codes and even dynamic websites with php and SQL all for free. Though they all come with their own special features, you’ll have to choose the one that best suits you.

Examples of free webhosting companies.

For the rest of this article, we’re going to set up a free hosting account using 000webhost.


Getting started with 000webhost free hosting
Free web hosting and 000webhost

This is actually my favorite web hosting company, I used this while I was working on my test website back in 2019 and the website is still running till now. Though I haven’t made any recent changes to it. You can sign up for a free account with them Here and enjoy 300mb disk space, with 300mb monthly bandwith and 1 free MySQL database for your dynamic sites. You can also set up a free WordPress blog here. And start earning with Google AdSense.

000webhost one click WordPress installer
Free WordPress on 000webhost

The only disadvantage here is that you’ll be given a very long link like this “” though you can purchase your own custom domain to change it, but we’re thinking of running things free here.

Also see How to set up WordPress offline.

After creating your free account, log-in to your account and open your file manager, here you look for the public_html folder. This is where you should upload your website files. Just select the folder then look for an open button which is usually at the top of the screen. Once the folder is open, look for a file upload button and navigate through your device till you find the .html or .php file you want to upload. Then you upload it and check out the magic.

The public html folder in 000webhost
The public_html folder
The open folder button

Incase your site needs a database for it to function, you can sign up for a free database there.

Right in your manage websites page, open the menu bar

000webhost menu button
000webhost menu button

Now open tools.

000webhost tools
The tools button in website manager page.

Now you click database manager, here you can create your 000webhost database and you’ll receive your database login details. Keep those details and add them to your php script which connects your page to your database.

000webhost database manager

000webhost database manager.

Congratulations, we’ve successfully uploaded our website online for the world to see.

Feel free to submit your site to an ads network to start earning with your free website (you’ll be paid for your visits and ads views ).

Bonus tip: many browsers usually include ads block feature which stops users from viewing ads and reducing your revenue. This isn’t good for webmasters and thanks to Xander tech a solution has been found. How to use anti ads block on your website .

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