Welcome guys. In this article, I’m going to write about how to earn cool cash on a free WordPress site using Google AdSense using WordPress.org if your website is on WordPress.com you’ll have to move it away from there in order to use AdSense. Check this article to see how to migrate from WordPress.com

What is WordPress.org

WordPress has two types, the one for beginners which is WordPress.com. here WordPress doesn’t give you access to all the parts of your websites and the entire site is controlled by WordPress. It has a free plan which doesn’t allow you to use Google AdSense to earn money, instead it displays their own ads on your site. Earning money with your article while you do all the work without getting paid.

On the other hand, WordPress.org is different and more difficult to set up. You’ll need to have an account in a separate web hosting company before you can use it. I’ll recommended this version of WordPress because it gives you full access to your website and even the source codes and you can edit it as you like. The problem with this is most hosting companies charge you to keep your website online but since this is a free guide tutorial, we already have a solution on how to use it for free.

Also see how to use WordPress offline.

Free hosting with 000webhost

First, I’ll love to introduce a webhosting company which offers a free webhosting plan to their users forever. 000webhost is a recommended web hosting company which I use even till today, Not for this site though. You can create your free account with them by signing up and begin your journey. There are other free webhosting companies but most of them end up banning your account after some days of signing up.

Getting started with 000webhost free hosting
Get started with 000webhost.com

After signing up for their free account, you’ll be given a free sub-domain name which people can use to access your site.

You can now log in to your dashboard and use their one click WordPress install to install WordPress CMS on your website. If you don’t want to use this method, you can simply download the CMS from wordpress.org and upload using ftp or their file manager tool.

Once you have WordPress fully installed on the site, you can now start customizing the site in your WordPress dashboard. You can find this by typing “http://sitename.000webhostapp.com/wp-admin” . You can set your theme, and add extra functionality to the site using plug-ins downloaded from WordPress.org. Congratulations, your site is now ready for the world.

If you’re a web designer or developer, and you want to create your own site with html, you can view How to publish your html codes online for free.

After you’ve created your site, you won’t start earning money right away. You’ll need to create at least 10 post with some necessary pages like about, contact us, disclaimer, terms and conditions and privacy policy. After that you can apply for Google AdSense to start earning.

Remember, your earnings depends on your traffic but don’t worry, we’ve brought out a good article on How to increase your blog traffic.

Don’t worry if you don’t get approved the first time, just continue updating the site and re applying till you get your approval.

You can use a free page generator tool like policymaker.io to automatically create these pages, then copy and add them to your site.

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