Do you have a blog in Are you tired of their too many restrictions on your site and finally want to have full access to all your site’s data? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll show you how to export your website from to your own webhost all for free. Well you’ll still have to pay your new host for their hosting but you can skip the payment and learn How to publish your publish your website online for free.

Exporting your site.

Before we begin migration, we’ll export our entire website into a zipped folder. Firstly we’ll login to our WordPress dashboard and click on the WordPress button at the top left of the screen.

WordPress menu button to export site
The menu in

As you can see, were working with our own free site. This is to make things easier for us to explain.

If you scroll down this menu, you’ll see a tools button which you’ll have to click to open the remaining options.

Export tool on
The export tool on

Now under this tools section, you can see various tools like marketing, earn, import and export. The export tool is what we’re going to be working with in this tutorial which compresses our whole website into a single file. Then we download this file so it can be transferred to our new webhost. See how to practice WordPress offline. export window
The export window

As you can see from the image above, there are two options, we’re going to be working with the first one (export all) since the second one only downloads our websites media into our device.

We select Export all and wait for the files to be packaged. Then we’ll download this zipped file into our device for safe keeping.

Now that we’ve packaged our whole website into a zipped file, we can now transfer it easily to our new webhost. You can find decide to choose any webhost of your choice like Bluehost, Hostinger or if you’re on a budget, you can try out Nigerian webhosting companies like domainhosting, harmonweb or naijawebhost. These are reliable web hosting companies with good customer support and can help you in growning your online presence from scratch.

Once you create your account with these hosting companies and purchase your desired plan, you’ll be given a cpanel login details which you can use to login to your sites cpanel.

Once in the cpanel, you can install WordPress on the site using their one click WordPress install and then import your file to the new site. Here’s how we’ll do that.

First, in your browser you type “ /wp-admin” to open your sites WordPress dashboard. Then you click the menu and look for tools again.

Import tool on your WordPress site
The menu in our new WordPress site.

In the tools panel, click import site and navigate through your device for the website file you downloaded previously. Select it and wait for the import to finish.

Once it’s done, you’ve completely moved your site from to your own webhost. Congratulations 🎉.

If you’re a WordPress blogger, and you need more “how to’s” post on WordPress, you can check out Wp beginners blog for massive tips on how to use WordPress effectively.

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