Yes, php despite being one of the oldest languages used in the web, iS still used in modern day web development as it provides support for every possible function needed for web development and can be seamlessly written with html content. It is also the most used language in the web all thanks to WordPress which now powers 70 percent of the web and most WordPress plug-ins might still need php programmers to fix or adjust which can also be a source of income for php programmers.

Php has been criticized over the years because of its technical inconsistency and poor design which makes it prone to bugs and errors which gave rise to other backend languages like Node.js and the dot NET framework (.NET). These has been resolved over the years with the help of some modern php frameworks like laravel which is the number one php frameworks on GitHub, code Igniter and even wordpress.

The php programming language has caused a debate in the current world of programming. This is because of its popular competitors like the node.js, and ASP.NET. Most newbies now ask themselves, “why should I learn php?”, “Can I still get a job in this 21st century with the knowledge of php?”, Well I’m about to enlighten you more about php and why it isn’t dying anytime soon, So get your system back on and start coding! See why Html is still worth learning

What is php?

Php, short for hypertext preprocessor is a web server scripting language whose main purpose is to create Dynamic web pages (webpages which generates it’s own data based on user inputs). Php, unlike the other front end languages like HTML and CSS which only just creates static webpages that displays the same information, is a very important language in the life of a web developer and it still has it’s use in mordern day web development.

Why is php dying?

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It was first created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 and has been maintained ever since, currently their latest version is the php 8 (as at the time of writing this article).

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The language has been used in building alot of popular websites like the social media giants “Facebook”, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and Soo much more. The last time I checked, these sites are not dreaming of shutting down any soon. Due to recent statistics, more than 70% of the web is still powered by php which beats up it’s closest competitor which is the .NET framework (pronounced as dot net) multiple times. Most blogs are developed using WordPress which was also built using php and has been releasing updates frequently.

Why you should learn php.

Php is also a recommended language for beginners to familiarize themselves with backend development and how web servers work because of it’s easy to use syntax.

echo "hello world!";

//Hello world syntax with php.

Php, despite being old still has it’s places in the web dev world in the sense that most webhost companies support websites built with php and it is a very high demand language by most start up companies who want to make their presence known by getting a company website. Although there are other alternatives to php in the back end like the JavaScript backend framework(Node.js), microsoft’s dot NET framework, python, Ruby, Java and so on, php is still the most supported and with laravel, it’s popular framework, you can implement alot of modern technologies in your code.

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Another nice fact about php is it’s usability with JavaScript’s ajax which enables you to perform SQL database and server queries using JavaScript events handlers. With this, you don’t need to reload the page every time a form is submitted and it has it’s use if you want to build a single page web application just like react does.

Php syntaxes also blends in with HTML and JavaScript codes, meaning you can write php codes seamlessly with your HTML, CSS and JavaScript without having to make new files for it. And yes, html is also a must learn language in 2021 .This is one of the reasons I admire php, Because You can easily generate HTML codes based on user inputs or from the database making web development alot easier and interesting.

Do you still think php is a must language to learn for backend web development in 2021? I’ll say yes, but you can share your thoughts with us in the comments section. You can also subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates on more web technologies and web application development.

Kudos on your web development journey.

Your favorite web developers!

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