Yes, HTML is still worth learning in 2022 as it is the basic mark-up language used in creating web structures. Some CMS like WordPress too can be used but they don’t originally have support for some basic webpage structures so you might have to install additional plug-ins for your site which can affect your sites load speed.

HTML, short for HyperText Markup Language is a markup language used in creating the structure of web pages. It was first created in the year 1991 by a physicist named Tim Berners Lee. HTML was officially released to the public in 1993 and the web isn’t the same ever since. Here’s a brief history of html. The Idea of learning html might seem outdated today because of the popularity of modern JavaScript Frameworks like React which uses JSX(JavaScript extension) in it’s markup. JSX is a syntax extension which enables you write html directly in your JavaScript code.

Over the years, HTML became popularly known as the standard for creating the structure of web pages an has been used by web developers ever since. Back then, only people who could write HTML markups we’re able to create websites and web pages. This was usually a problem for most start up businesses because to establish your online presence, one of the basic necessities was to create a business website to be able to sell your brand. This prompted business owners to go into learning HTML and later on, they got discouraged and abandoned it.

What is WordPress?

Well, in modern times, learning HTML isn’t needed in creating a website of your choice through the creation of the wordpress platform where anyone without a knowledge of HTML or web development can easily create a website of their choice for free. WordPress is a free open source Content management system (CMS) which is used in creating website without any coding knowledge or experience.

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WordPress usually comes with lots of free themes and plugins which can be used in creating any website including blogs, e-commerce websites, landing pages, portifolios and so on. The themes are used to change the look and feel of the site while plugins extends it’s functionality like adding forms, displaying cookie notices and so on.

Should I learn HTML or WordPress?

In as much as wordpress provides alot of free website creation tools which makes building websites easier, you should also know that those themes and plugins used to improve WordPress are created by humans. Sometimes, these themes might not match up to your taste and you might need to customize it your self by opening the source code of the theme. With a little knowledge of HTML and php, you’re free to do that and edit your theme however you want.

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Also, if you already know how to code, you can easily create your own theme and integrate it with wordpress so it’ll be editable and customized using it’s CMS. You can also sell your theme in various theme market places like Theme forest and earn some cash with it. Also, most WordPress themes do not support custom structures for your webpages like tables and you might need to install additional plugins for your site which might end up slowing down your website which isn’t good to your visitors. Because of this, WordPress provided a HTML editor for your blog post which enables you to embed the needed structure into your website without affecting your sites functionality.

You see, HTML still has it’s part to play in modern day web development and combined with CSS, php and little of JavaScript, you can use WordPress as a money making tool aside blogging and promoting your brand.

HTML is still a must learn for every website developer in these modern times. It’ll give you more control over your websites than you had before and also adds to your skillset which may come in handy in your future career.

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