I’d bet you just found out coding and programming are totally different from each other. Just like HTML and CSS are different from each other and also the same with Java and JavaScript They don’t seem to be different though but if you think more deeply, you’ll understand why it is. I just found out too and I guess I’d have to share it with you guys in this article. So keep reading if you want to find out.

What is coding?

Coding is actually the process of translating a human idea or thought into a computer readable form. It is just like giving the computer declarative instructions using various programming languages like python, JavaScript, php, C and others. Please note that coding and programming are not the same. Though are used interchangeably most times.

While coding, much logic is not involved as it has to do with translating human language to a computer language. Coding is actually easy to learn because all that is involved is learning the basics of a certain programming language then you let the computer do the task for you.

What is programming?

Programming is the act of using logic to make decisions or telling the computer what decision to make under certain conditions. Programming is far different from coding as it involves using logic like if/else statements or switch statements to enable the computer make decisions on how to input, process or output a given data.

Here’s an example of a computer program written in JavaScript programming language.

var score = 67;
var grade;
if(score >= 70){
grade = A;

else if(score >= 60){
grade = B;


grade = no grade;

From the snippet above, the computer had different decisions to make. if the score that was inputted is greater than 70, then the students grade should be A. If it’s between 60-69, then the grade should be B. This is an example of programming.

Now let’s also take a look at this code.

var i = 0;

for(i; i<10; i++){



The above example is a code which tells the compiler(the browser in the case of JavaScript) to print the numbers 0-9. This is called coding as it does not involve the computer making logical decisions.

Key differences between coding and programming.

  • Coding doesn’t involve any logic while programming involves alot of logical reasoning.
  • When you code, there can be only one possible output while in a computer program, different outputs can be derived depending on the given inputs and other conditions.
  • You can be a programmer without being a coder but can’t be a coder without first knowing the codes or languages.
  • A coder has to be familiar with the up to date syntaxes, debugging practices, code optimization while a programmer doesn’t need to bother about these but instead focuses on improving his logical skills.
  • Coding only deals with the writing of codes and so it is less intimidating easier to read. On the other hand, Programming deals with a program to control and interact with the machine to produce proper results.

Alot of newbies usually find it hard to distinguish between these two disciplines. I won’t lie, I once thought they were the same until I got deeper into the field that I came to understand their differences. Coding and programming are not the same even if they follow almost the same concepts and languages.

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Happy coding ❤️

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