Yes, python is a scripting language. This is because languages like python do not require a compiler before it’s code is executed, instead it uses an interpreter which executes it’s code directly.

What is a scripting language?

A scripting language is one which translates and executes code directly with the use of an interpreter. Scripting languages are fast in executing tasks unlike other compiled languages like C or C++ which first of all converts the entire program into a machine code for the computer to understand with the help of a compiler before executing it. see how to choose a programming language if you’re still confused on which languages to learn.

Scripting languages run their code directly (line by line) which makes it easier to debug because the code usually stops executing where a bug is found. Examples of these scripting languages are python and JavaScript which explains their speed in executing tasks.

Features of scripting languages.

  • Scripting languages are easier to learn than non scripting languages.
  • Scripting languages helps you type code faster because of it’s clean and short syntax.
  • Scripting languages integrate into existing systems to develop them while non scripting languages builds the entire system from scratch.
  • The syntax in scripting languages is shorter than that of non scripting languages.(you can do more with lesser line of code).
  • Scripting languages uses an interpreter to executes it’s code.
  • Scripting languages executive their code line by line instead of transpiling the entire code into machine code.
  • Scripting languages code are more readable.

More features of python.

Python is a high-level programming language which can be used for different aspects of programming like web development, mobile development, game development, GUI, embedded systems programming, artificial intelligence and so much more. See reasons why Html is not a programming language.

Python also provides an object oriented approach in it’s programming which makes code reusable and makes programmers follow the DRY(Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle. With a knowledge of python, you can fit into any area of programming of your choice. Python also offers the second largest amount of libraries, and frameworks after JavaScript which makes development easier. Some of these python frameworks are pandas, matplotlib, Django, numpy etc.

Each of these frameworks have their uses like Django which is used for web development, wand matplotlib which helps in plotting graphs while pandas is used in advanced statistical calculations like finding mean deviation, percentile, variance and much more. These statistical calculations are used in it’s artificial intelligence to perform complex calculations and produce results which can be used in marketing.

Python is mostly know for it’s use in machine learning because of these advanced maths libraries and it makes it the first choice language to use in artificial intelligence.

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